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[IP] too many variables!

Does anyone out there ever get frustrated by the
number of variables we have to manage on a day to day
basis?  for example - today and yesterday I had been
running high - so was it a site failure, bad insulin,
getting close to that time of the month, something i
ate - and you all know the list goes on and on - so I
finally called minimed - what a kind woman - she must
have thought i was one step away from the asylum! So
she ran me through all the tests and lo and behold my
link between the tubing and catheter was leaking!  So
this had happened once before not to long ago - i
thought it was a one time thing but from what she said
I guess the whole batch was bad - and that explains
all my so-called site failures and high level of
frustration but who'd of thought - so I thought i
would pass my experience on to all you wonderful
fellow pumpers !  Christa

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