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[IP] Radio Shack 357 batteries

Hi, Jan.

At 14:53 10/17/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>OOOPS! Andrew Aronoff was RIGHT!!! My ER 357s ARE silver oxide. It was the 
>Radio Shack ones that were zinc oxide. I still see no difference in longevity.

I'm very intrigued by this Radio Shack battery you were using. I'd really 
like to know more about what they were.

I surfed over to Radio Shack and had a look at what they offer. (I can't 
visit a Radio Shack store -- I don't live in the U.S.)

They only show a single 357 battery: Model 357 Watch/Calc Battery, 
RadioShack brand, Catalog number 23-105, $2.79.

You can find it here:


They don't say what the composition is, but the picture shows a "Silver 
Oxide" battery. To thoroughly confuse matters, that picture is of a 
different model, the 23-104 (model 303).

Do you have any Radio Shack batteries that are still in their packaging? 
What's the catalog number? What's the model number? What's engraved on the 
battery itself? What does the packaging say about zinc? (I have a sneaky 
suspicion that the packaging that said "zinc" was a misprint.)

regards, Andy
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