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[IP] Re: Diabetic baggage

Jan, you are so right!

Listen, whoever said "we all have baggage" was so right, too.  I was with my husband for 20 years before he died and have been seeing a wonderful man for the last 2-1/2 years. Diabetes has never been a factor in my relationships, or them not wanting to be with me because of it.

Maybe I choose the right guys, but maybe also it's where my head is at. I don't want to be considered different because I have a chronic illness, so I do what I have to do to handle it but don't make it everyone else's problem (at least I try not to, but those mood swings... LOL  ;-) ).

I think if you make it a problem, it will become a problem. 

Just my two cents...

<< Way back 42 years ago when I was dating and knew I would not live to see 35,
my hugsband (of 41 yrs now) begged me to marry him - he knew I was the one
meant for him. I was a very naive person (very sheltered and a DMer out of
control for 8 yrs). We had no *tools* other than one shot a day of NPH/Reg.
and pee tests which I didn't bother with cuz they were always bright orange

Over the years we have experienced a lot of problems, but my 12 surgeries, 2
difficult pregnancies (they're both okay) 10 mos. & 14 days apart, as well
as hospitalizations for tonsilitis heading me into DKA with dark purple
Acetone test (no ketone tests then), and pretty anemic with endometriosis
and whatever else I'll think of at 3:00 a.m. <VBG>

What amazes me is that hugsy has stuck with me even through the moodiness of
out-of-control BGs, which we didn't know what it was without home BG testing
(just the last 20 years).

I suppose it's like pumping <s> - we get newbies on here who read about the
problems people have with their pumps. All the people who are happy
pumping/married don't write in and tell about it. They do respond to
problems since they may be successful and can offer help. The others are
merrily pumping and minding their own businesses. ;)

Remember too, not everyone is meant to deal with our baggage. Not everyone
is meant to be a pilot, doctor, lawyer, teacher, server, on and on.

Bottom line, hang in there and someone may come along that you will be so
glad you waited for. It's sad for someone to get married out of
*desperation* and meet that right someone AFTER the I do's are said.  YMMV

Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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