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Re: [IP] Paradigm connector (was Question on Animas pumps)

> >  I don't understand why that would be true (not that I don't trust
> >  your information).  Both the Disetronic and Animas are currently
> >  waterproof (and the Animas is waterproof to 12' vs. the Paradigm's
> >  8'), and they both use standard leur lock connectors.
> >
> >     Why would the Paradigm require a new lock to remain waterproof?
> >
>I'm no engineer . . . Obviously they didn't HAVE to change from the standard
>Leur lock connection in order to get waterproofness (as you said, both Animas
>and Disetronic managed to produce waterproof pumps without doing that) . . .
>But, for whatever reason, Minimed choose to design a non-standard connection
>for the infusion sets for the Paradigm . . . BTW, I don't think I mentioned
>that I originally got the info about special Paradigm-only infusion sets from
>an IP Minimed chat transcript 4-6 months ago.  I think someone here also
>posted an excerpt from  some correspondence he'e had with Minimed confirming
>this . . .

Here is a link to that previous message.


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