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Re: [IP] carb counting with a scale?

At 11:51 AM 10/17/2001, you wrote:
>I actually use a postal scale that I got from stamps.com
>It measures in ounces and up to ten pounds, I believe......
>Has worked great for me!
>If I need to convert to grams, I just do the equation.
>I know there are gram scales out there, but I got this one free so I'm not

I also successfully used the Stamp.com scale very successfully for quite a 
while. When it finally died and it had to be replaced I went for the 
Soehnle Attache 8025 (from http://www.diabetesnet.com/). I am also very 
happy with this one as well. My main reason for switching was I wanted a 
gram scale rather than ounces. Now I know that I really need both. Next 
time (presumably a long tome from now) I will probably look for a scale 
with a button right on the front to switch between gram/ounce.

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