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[IP] Magical Bubbles in tubing

> Try setting your pump on the end with the tubing
> facing upward.  When you 
> prime it, the bubbles are all primed out and you
> will have a very tight seal.
>Also, after you've primed the bubbles out, turn the
>reservoir upside down to see if there are any bubbles
>that hid up near the reservoir tip. It may look
>bubble-free but you can be sure if you turn it
>different angles before putting it into the pump and
>priming it. It may sound obvious but it is
>surprisingly deceptive.
One more thing I just learned (after 20 years of
insulin use) is not to inject the air into the insulin
when you fill the bottle with air before pulling the
insulin out.  Hold the bottle in a position where the
air is meeting air, not where the air is meeting
insulin.  I am amazed at the difference it made.  I
always held my insulin bottle upside down and injected
the air into it - right into the insulin.  If you hold
the insulin bottle in an upright position and turn the
syringe upside down, you are not putting air into the
insulin.  I felt so dumb when a CDE showed me this - I
had been doing it wrong for 20 years!  

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