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[IP] Minimed reservoirs and sof-set Ultimate Qr - problems- long

Looks like I have a box of bad leak reservoirs which may have cause my 
unexplain highs a few weeks ago.  So far I returned 2 to Minimed and one I 
threw out because I though I may have overtighten the needle which cause it 
to crack at the neck of the reservoir where the needle or the set connects.  
Today another one - it looks like I've been wasting over 50 units of insulin 
priming and trying to get a working reservoir.  It doesn't leak much but 
when I prime a whole 5 units and reprime again the insulin would take a 
while before it comes back out so I check the neck of the reservoir its wet. 
  I have about 5 more reservoir in the same box - and got a new shipment and 
hopefully those are ok.  I only notice the leak after I reprime to make sure 
the insulin comes out again and thats when I've notice theres something 
wrong - I usually prime once and the insert - reason for high BS and BS 
would come down a little with only a high bolus.

Another thing I've noticed recently while primimg is sometimes there's a 
nice size air bubble at the quick release area while priming and I would 
have to always have to flick the quick release to get the bubble out.  
Sometimes the bubble is at least and inch to 2 inches long when it goes into 
the tubing - reason for a high BS reading when the bubble goes into tubing.  
So now I am priming anywhere from 8 - 15 units of insulin for leaks and air 

Now at the rate I'm going I will need a new script for more insulin.


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