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[IP] Re: quikset question- HELP!

<email @ redacted> writes:

>Just received  a new box of MM quiksets that I want >to try on my daughter. 
>Have been using sofsets for a year. With the >sofsets, you prime and 
>disconnect the quick release, put it in the >sofserter, and isert. With the 
>quikset, after priming, how do you insert? What I >mean is, there is no 
>disconnect on the set, so when I put it on the >quikserter to insert it is 
inside the pump, right?
>Don4t know if the explanation is clear, but I don4t >see where I can unattach 
>if from the pump to insert. I will appreciate advice >as I would like to try 
>one out today. Thanks
>Mom to Eileen, 13, pumping since 08/00!

I don't know why you would disconnect either of these sets when you insert! If you've filled the tube, and primed mechanically, why disrupt anything.  

I've used both kinds of sets and have no problem inserting them without disconnecting. This is the way I was taught by my trainer to do it, and I don't think the video mentioned disconnecting either.

The Quick set does disconnect , but it doesn't have a tail.

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