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[IP] travel concerns

I returned from Italy last Saturday-October 13th.     I had a few rough
moments but it worked out ok.   We departed from Chicago and all they asked
me was to remove the pager from my belt.  I told them it was an insulin
pump, they looked at the face of the pump and waved me through.   I carry
all my supplies, extra sysinges, pen insulin, testing equipment etc. with me
and that went through the scanning equipment without even a question.   I
thought that was relatively scary and nary a question from security.  In
Europe however it was a different story.   They examined everything and even
though I had a certified letter from my doctor were going to confiscate the
syringes, needles and other equipment.   I actually showed them how to use
the pump and that it was attached to me.  The thing that changed their mind
was the medic alert necklace I was wearing.   Please keep in mind that they
were confiscating a lot of items---nailfiles, small tool kits, even nail
clippers.  They were even fanning through peoples books and magazines
looking for "weapons".   I suggest that you bring the letter from your
doctor and your supplies as carryon luggage like I did but also put some
extra supplies in your checked luggage.   BTW---it is up to the captain of
the aircraft whether he/she will accept confiscated items and put them in
the cockpit to be returned to you when you arrive.   Ours would not do so.

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