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[IP] Paradigm connector (was Question on Animas pumps)

> Since they all use the standard "leur lock" connection, you can
> use any infusion set/inserter device on any of the pumps currently
> available in the US . . . So, just because you might decide to
> change pumps doesn't mean you have to change which infusion set you 
> use.
> (This won't be true of the new Minimed Paradigm pump whenever it
> comes out.  It has a proprietary connection design in order to be
> able to have waterproofness as a feature.)
   I don't understand why that would be true (not that I don't trust
your information).  Both the Disetronic and Animas are currently
waterproof (and the Animas is waterproof to 12' vs. the Paradigm's
8'), and they both use standard leur lock connectors.

   Why would the Paradigm require a new lock to remain waterproof?
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