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Re: [IP] quikset question- HELP!

At 09:39 AM 10/17/2001, you wrote:
>Just received  a new box of MM quiksets that I want to try on my daughter. 
>Have been using sofsets for a year. With the sofsets, you prime and 
>disconnect the quick release, put it in the sofserter, and isert. With the 
>quikset, after priming, how do you insert? What I mean is, there is no 
>disconnect on the set, so when I put it on the quikserter to insert it is 
>inside the pump, right?
>Don4t know if the explanation is clear, but I don4t see where I can 
>unattach if from the pump to insert. I will appreciate advice as I would 
>like to try one out today. Thanks

I used the Sof-set for about 6 month and now use the Quick-set for the past 
6 months. I'm not quite sure why you were disconnecting the sof-sets but 
here is the procedure I use for the Quick-set

- Fill the reservoir
- Remove Quick-set from package and fit it into the Quick-serter. Cock the 
Quick-serter and remove the needle guard (so you can see the end of the 
- Remove fill needle from reservoir and connect to the Luer lock fitting of 
the set
- Gently depress the plunger of the reservoir until you see drops of 
insulin from the tip of the cannula.
- Insert the  reservoir into the pump. Push the locking arms firmly against 
the base of the plunger before lowering them.
- Prime the pump until you again see drops of insulin at the end of the 
- Put the pump in Suspend mode.
- Insert the site into the skin. Push on the top of Quick -serter then 
carefully remove it.
- Check that the tape is firmly and smoothly adhered to the skin and while 
holding down the  round base of the site, remove the inserter needle.
- Prime the set to fill the space formely occupied by the inserter needle 
(0.5U for 9mm cannula and 0.3u for the 6mm).

No disconnection is required. In fact if you do disconnect it you will be 
unable to use the site because you will have had to remove the inserter 
needle which can not be reinstalled.

Hope that help.

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