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RE: [IP] FastTake going bye-bye?

George Lovelace [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I'm just of the opinion to NEVER compare meters by readings.  

This is correct.  The only way to compare meters is to check each against a
standard - that is a test done by a fully equipped laboratory - and then see
if each is within 20%+/- of the lab test.  Home test meters are not intended
to give accurate measures of blood glucose at a given point in time, but are
to give an indication of trends and general control.  

> The Accucheck is a
> Whole Blood Meter and the Ultra is a Plasma calibrated meter. 
>  That would
> account for the difference in readings.  If you'ld like to 
> see a "comparison of
> features" on the different meters available, go to:

Well . . . all home test meters measure whole blood glucose.  Those that
read back a serum (plasma) glucose reading are applying a different
calculation than those that read back blood glucose.  This is a function of
the software, not the fundamental operation of the meter.

Jim Handsfield
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email @ redacted

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