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[IP] NCD# for D-tron prefilled cartridges (and surgery outcome)

Could someone please send me the NCD# for the prefilled humalog cartridges 
for the d-tron.  I switched insurance companies and am calling in an order 
to a new supply place.  They have supposedly already handled getting 
prescriptions from my doctor, but I want to make sure they send me the 
correct supplies.

I should probably also give a brief recap on the knee surgery I had a 
month ago.  The most important thing was to get my own copy of 
instructions from my endo.  A copy was sent to the surgeon, but I got a 
copy also which I gave to the hospital at the pre-op for my file and I 
also brought a copy with me the day of surgery.  Each time a new nurse or 
whomever came over to do prep I informed them of the letter, no one had 
looked at it yet.  When I met with the anesthesiologist I did the same 
thing, I referred him to the letter which explicitly said I was to run my 
set basal rates.  I kept my own meter with me in my robe pocket which was 
on the gurney with me the whole time.  The only good thing is that they 
gave me lunch when it was over, which they don't usually do, but "had to 
because I was diabetic."  Since I hadn't eaten since the night before I 
didn't complain, and they let me order whatever.  I asked for carb counts 
on the items which of course didn't come, but whatever.  No complications 
from the surgery, "diabetic" or otherwise.

Thanks a lot
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