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[IP] Animas Pump

I am so excited.  One of the kind people on this list
gave me the e-mail addresses of pump manufacturers. 
By far the nicest and most prompt response was from

I received a packet the next day by FedEx and a phone
call from someone at the home office named Charlene. 
She spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me just
chatting about my particular problems and possible
solutions.  She was VERY helpful.  She also talked at
length about the Animas pump.  So.....I finally
decided to call my CDE and tell her I was ready to get
a pump.  I had decided to go with MiniMed only because
this is the pump my CDE is most familiar with.

Well, yesterday I got a call from a sales rep from
Animas.  We were just chatting (wasn't pushing a sale)
and he asked me who my CDE was.  It was really funny,
because he said - "Oh, I've known Mickey for years and
in fact I had lunch with her today."   He said he had
just showed her an Animas Pump and she said she liked
it.  He called her in my behalf and I am now getting
the Animas pump with her approval!!!  This company has
really gone to bat for me.  It took over a week to
hear back from Disetronic and I got a couple of
pamphlets only.

I should have my pump within a couple of weeks and
have an appointment with Mickey on Nov. 6!!!!!!!

FYI:  I had posted about a couple of days last week
where I complained about high sugars for no apparent
reason.  I found out I had "bad" insulin.  I am using
Lantus while awaiting a pump.  Did you know that
Lantus is only good for 14-28 days?  I got a new
bottle, and presto, great sugars!!  I was used to
Humulin R - that stuff lasts for months.

Sorry for running on - I just wanted the people on
this list to know how helpful they have been!  Thanks,

Pat (pumpless -- but not for long!!) 

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