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[IP] Magical Bubbles in tubing

Hi Sarah..........This one I can answer.  I spent the past 2 wks. totally 
frustrated to the point of getting out my old syringes, NPH, swabs and was 
all set to begin my 2 injections again.
Why? Because of the continuing 300-500 readings day and nite which I ending 
up injecting for.   Yes, I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to do after 2 yrs. 
of pumping and gaining so much trouble shooting knowledge on this site.
Finally went in to see the CDE who said he thought he had figured out my 
problem.  Sure enough, we went step by step thru the filling of the pump and 
when I came to priming the tubing, I was holding it in my hand longways, 
which of course caused whatever tiny bubble that were in the cartridge to 
stay there rather than getting primed out.  DAHHHHHHHH
Try setting your pump on the end with the tubing facing upward.  When you 
prime it, the bubbles are all primed out and you will have a very tight seal.
I could have hugged the guy, didn't even bill me for the time at the DM 
center in the hospital.  

And so it goes.............Jackie Pearce
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