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[IP] And yet my doctor amazes me again

Im sorry but i am a lil upset. I just got back from my supposed to be doctors 
appointment ( diabetes). My app was at 2:30 at 4 :30 i said hello what is the 
wait for? I need to leave. There was still 3 people ahead of me and the whole 
time we were in the waiting room 1 person went in to actually see the doctor. 
I am supposed to go back tomorrow and see if there is time to get me in. Ugh 
hello. How about i dont sit around and wait to see if you can see me, How 
about you have my appointment at 2 :30 like it was supposed to be. yes i 
understand there are other patients and they take time but 1 patient in 2 
hours time? By the time i would have seen the doctor it would have been 7 
Another thing is the doctor didnt even have my lab tests with him, I asked to 
see them before I left just cuz i was curious and they were like Oh he doesnt 
have them with him. Ugh, isnt that the whole point of this apointment? 
Yes i know get another doctor but i cant. i tried and ended up not seeing 
anyone for a year and a half.
I want to start the pump and i think i am going to do it- well ok i know im 
going to do it nov.1 whether i see the doctor between now or then or not. 
Ugh . 
Anyways thanks for the place to let me vent :) 
j hughes 

Your doctor works for you, you dont work for him 
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