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[IP] batteries - 3 months

People have been writing in how long their batteries last on their pumps -
mostly Minimed.  Here are how long mine last:
I have an Animas pump which uses 4  of the 357 batteries.  I get the batteries
at Wal-Mart.  I have had my pump since 12-00 and each set of batteries has
lasted 3 months (only varying by just a couple DAYS each 3 months - almost
strange when you think about it!).  I use approx. 30 units per day with only 5
units of that going for my basal and the other approx. 25 units towards meal
boluses.  I always prime my new tubing by using the battery power and also
reprime a few drops each day everytime I disconnect for bathing, changing
clothes, etc.  I also use the backlight at night if I want to check the time
while sleeping, etc.  I have let my pump go to the "low battery warning" each
time with no problems.  I know with my low basal the batteries aren't being
used as much as someone with a high basal, but the pump "does" give part of
the hourly basal every 3 minutes whether it is a high or low basal so that
batteries are getting used every 3 minutes all day long in addition to the
bolus deliveries.
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