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Re: [IP] Re: Batteries

Hi, Jan.

>You want to get more battery life than 4 wks but you change them anyway.

I made a limited trial (3 battery sets) to determine battery life (to the 
LO BATTERY alarm). I obtained 6 weeks each time. Other people on the IP 
list seem to get similar results.

I change batteries on a 4-week multiple. I'd multiply by 2 or 3 *if* I 
could be reasonably certain to get to that limit without an alarm. Your 
experience suggests it'd be possible *if* I could figure out why you're 
able to do it so consistently.

>You are then covered in two opposing ways - won't see the L.B. notice, and 
>won't get longer battery life. <g>

I change out on a 4-week interval consistent with the battery life I 
experience. If I saw a 10 week battery life, I'd change every 8 weeks.

>I gave my basal rates and if *you* run double those numbers, it will take 
>more power to deliver.


>My total daily dose is from 26-30u. That doesn't take as much power as 
>someone with a TDD of 60-80 or more.

Good point. (I have a slightly higher total daily dose (TDD): 30-35u. It 
would be interesting to see how battery lifetime is affected by TDD.)

>I put the reservoir in the pump, put the levers down, then run a prime of 
>10u to see a new drip come out. I stop the priming as soon as the drip is 
>large enough ...

OK, then that's a typical bolus procedure. You start with a large number 
and stop when you're convinced that flow has been established.

>Since you saw only 6 weeks and change them at 4, why not run them for 5 
>and get an extra week?

I do a BRICK at the 4-week point -- change Batteries, Reservoir, Insulin, 
Catheter and Kiss my wife. It keeps things very easy.

>I would think of it in my sleep and it would probably be 3:00 a.m.

Then I won't wish you a good night's sleep -- it would deprive you of a 
discovery. <g>

regards, Andy
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