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[IP] Animas Pump

Persistence does pay - good for you.  I wonder HOW the "nutritionist" could
insist that the support system and supplies from Animas would not be as good
as Minimed since at this this they don't have patients on the Animas pump.
Without any patients on Animas - where are they getting their information on
how support/supplies are handled?  Obviously not from their patients.
I was the first person to go with Animas at a large speciality clinic and have
had no problems at all.  The Animas people came out and trained the CDE's at
the clinic and then when I got my pump one of the Animas people came back to
the clinic to sit in on the training that my CDE gave me on the Animas pump
just in case there were any questions.  I could not have had better training
or support.  I was welcomed to call the CDE or the Animas rep anytime I
needed.  I have always received my supplies immediately after ordering them
and have always received good support also when calling with questions.  I
haven't had any problems with my pump, but know of others from this website
who have needed a new pump and Animas would always send it out next day air if
a new pump was needed.  I did get a replacement/upgrade pump when Animas came
out with the new software which allowed .05 basal as opposed to .10 basal and
that new pump was sent to me by one-day air and no problems.

Everyone should get the pump that they want.  So once you make your decision
just stick with it.


<Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 18:11:44 -0400
From: "7sabby" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Animas Pump

As a follow up,

                    I telephoned my "nutritionist" at York Endocrinology
today and asked her if the staff at York Endocrinology would support me if I
decided on the Animas pump or if I needed to find another doctor.  She said
they would support me but that she would need a "refresher" course as she
had not been trained since it came out in 2000.  She was clearly not happy
with my decision.  I told her to forward the letter of medical necessity to

She insisted that the support system and supplies would not be as good as
Minimed and that she could not guarantee a back-up pump if something went
wrong with mine.  She also stated it may "be a while" until I can get
started because she needed to re-familiarize herself with the pump and how
it works.

Anyway, persistence does pay in the long run........  I'll keep everyone
posted ...........

Thanks to all who responded.

Allen in York, PA>
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