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Re: [IP] Endo - out (long response)

> From: "J Hughey" <email @ redacted>
> > In the mail (real box out at the street) Saturday were letters to my
> > hugsband and me that our local hospital has closed affiliation AND the
> > office of my endo!!!!!
> > ----------------------------------------------------------
> well he must have an arrangement at the hospital where they bill for him
> collect some of the bucks. I guess business was bad for him and thereby
> hospital.

The last couple of years when I'd go for an app't the waiting room was
mostly empty. He told me he'd been going to business school the previous 5
yrs. I thought he should have gone to DM school to keep up!!!

> If he wasn't a good doc he couldn't make it and I guess he wasn't good at
> communicating either.

He is/was the only endo in our town and there's one in South Bend (verrry
close) and I don't care for him. He was one of only two docs in the state of
Indiana who handled pumps in the early '80s. I'm #7 in our area. That other
doc was in Indy - 150 mi. away.

> try asking the medical staff or nursing staff who is a
> good doc and go to them,

I've asked a CDE on this list a couple of times and we can't really come up
with a lot of names. I'll see her tomorrow (Tues.) and maybe she'll be freer
to *advise*.

> I went to a doc from my former medical school
> which stressed the importance of a good physical exam and history. Yet, he
> never examined me or took a history, never checked my feet or thyroid
> either. let my Hashimotos go right past his nose. spot

This endo never asked for a history on me and I commented about that once.
He said he'd learn as we went along (20 years). He hasn't asked for a BG log
in YEARS. I've learned at least 17 things about pumping from the 'net that
he doesn't even know - nor cares to. He told me to stick with the exchange
system cuz it's easier (on him!). I've complained that I needed to find
another doc, now I'm required.

I saw the cardiac surgeon today and told him I have a pump and would like to
talk to the anesthesiologist about it first. He told me to tell his
secretary. I did and she said to take 1/2 of my dose of insulin that day. I
told her a pump was different and I'd really like to know who the anesth.
will be. She was kinda antsy and started that nervous jiggle like *we're the
medical people - you're just the patient!!* type of jiggle. She got on the
phone to that dept. and it was decided that Friday the anesth. will be
assigned and he'll call me then. Okay.  I got home and nephrology called to
say they called/paged my fired endo and he said *to reduce to basals.* I
said that didn't make sense and I'd really like to talk to the anesth.  She
too gave the impression over the phone that I'm just the patient. When I had
eye surgery in Indy they called endo for instructions and he told them to
quit bothering him and ask me. I'm still expecting the anesth. to call
Friday.  I have an 8-page instruction sheet that Barb B. sent me about
hospitals and pumping. There are several lines in it that I cannot fill out
since I do not know the answers - endo never bothered advising nor keeping
me aprised of newer techniques.

Thanks, Spot  (~_^)

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