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[IP] run away bgs after mexican food

>From: email @ redacted >Reply-To: email @ redacted >To:
email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] Is there a problem with Mexican
food? >Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 13:17:32 EDT > >Hi all, > >I have an
experience to relate, then a question (sorry this is kinda long). > >I
have had a bad weekend, after a month of pretty perfect blood sugars. (I
>started the pump on 9/15.) On Saturday I woke up with a bg of 110. About
30 >minutes after that, I commented to my boyfriend that my abdomen hurt;
it felt >like mild cramps from my period. It got worse over the next
couple of hours, >to the point that I was hunched over with abdominal
pain. I tested my blood >about 3 hours after my first morning reading and
my bg was 350. (I hadn't >eaten a thing.) > >I'm sure you experienced
pumpers would know right away what this was, but in >my 23 years of
diabetes, I have never had ketones that caused any symptoms >like that.
The only thing I could remember from my reading about >ketoacidosis was
to worry about nausea and vomiting (which come later, and >abdominal pain
is an early symptom). So, wanted to mention this in case it >helps anyone
else. (BTW, I was using a QuickSet sample that I had inserted >the night
before. When I looked at the tubing after my high reading, it had >large
pockets of air (not bubbles...inches of air pockets). I did prime the
>tubing and do all the steps, so am not sure why this happened. I had to
>insert the QuickSet without the inserter, because I only received one
sample >from MiniMed, so could that be the problem? > >Now my question. I
woke up this morning with a bg of 330! Argghh. When I >went to bed, it
was 72. However, I did have Mexican food last night--first >time I've
tried it since the pump. I had one chicken enchilada and one >cheese
quesadilla, that's it. (oh, and about 8-10 chips) I'm wondering if >my
high bg is food-related? Anyone have problems with Mexican? I don't feel
>like this was a very big meal, and it wouldn't *seem* to be super high
in >fat, but I guess you never know what they've put in the sauces, etc.
I have >no reason at this point to suspect my pump or tubing or site. I
would >appreciate any ideas. > >thanks! >Leeann
>---------------------------------------------------------- Could br mexican
food or a bad site or set. cheese quesadilla's have lots of fat. It just runs
out of the jack cheese when it is heated. fat delays digestion. I have
problems with tex mex and italian food but love both. check frequently after
eating. spot
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