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[IP] Pump Alarm Question


I recently experienced the A37 alarm while I was out of town.  I called
Mimimed and the way it was explained to me was that the 508 pump does many
self checks during the course of the day.  If you happen to press one of the
buttons while it is doing a check, it will cause an A37 alarm.  They walked
me through resetting the date and time and checking to make sure my basal
rates were correct.  I also changed the batteries at that time because
earlier I had gotten a Low Battery alarm.  The batteries usually last
another 1 1/2 to 2 days after the alarm.  It was shortly after that alarm
when I got the A37.  Minimed said the A37 didn't have anything to do with
the Low Battery alarm.

Kathy G.

>>I have a question for those of you on the Minimed 508.  My daughters pump
came >>up with an alarm of A37 on Thursday.

>>So my question is has anyone else experienced this alarm and how did
Minimed ??respond?
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