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Re: [IP] Re: Batteries

> (I) Jan Hughey wrote:
> >That's interesting since I get Eveready 357 zinc oxide batteries and they
> >last me and my needs about 8-12 weeks. (~_^)

Andrew Aronoff wrote:
> Eveready 357 batteries are silver oxide, *not* zinc oxide.

> Eveready (Energizer) says that right here:

I dunno know what it says right there since I got a blank page 2x when
clicking on it. But I've been reading since I was about 6 y/o and my
Eveready packages of 357 batteries say z-i-n-c. I pronounce it zinc (zink).

> For the first three months after I received my 507C, I ran the batteries
> depletion. The batteries lasted a very consistent 6 weeks. Since then,
> been changing my batteries every 4 weeks in order to avoid LO BATTERY
> alarms. I'd certainly like to learn how to double battery life and change
> them every 8 weeks.

I don't understand why you want to avoid the LO BATTERY alarm? It's a LO
battery, not a NO battery alarm. I'm too *frugal* to toss out functioning
batteries. I have a friend who changes every battery in her clocks, etc.
when one goes bad. To each his own. ;)

> Do you always buy your batteries from the same source? If so, where?

I used to get them from MiniMed through insurance. That changed and I got
them at Radio Shack (@ $2.97) and they ran out and didn't have any on order.
That upset me cuz I had told them I need 3 at a time. I went a few stores
down to the supermarket and saw Eveready 357 zinc oxide watch batteries
@$1.49. I have since depleted their stock so went to one of their other
stores in the same local chain and am working on depleting that supply. ;)

> Do you mark down when you change your batteries so that you know how long
> they last?

I did after I got on the 'net out of curiosity. After a few times I didn't
keep track anymore, but I always have a new set in my meter case with me so
if I need to change they're with me wherever I am.

> Do you *always* see 8-12 week battery life? Have you *ever* seen less?

I don't think I have seen less - I know several times it has been at least 3
months. Certainly changing them @ 4 wks would be consistent but I run them

> Have you ever seen more?

If I have I didn't mark it down. I'm just prepared with the extras and it
seems long without *panicking* that they should die. ;)

> How many boluses do you deliver on an average day?

Four - maybe five. I have recently learned to use the square/dual wave
boluses. I was using an added temp basal to do the same thing. I'd think
they would use the same power.

> Is there anything "special" about how you use your pump that would explain
> why the batteries last as long as they do?

Yeah - I'm *frugal* and don't use the backlight - the *greenish* glo isn't
delightful to my eyes.  I do have a flashlight on my keychain (one of those
little squeezy giveaways) if I need to see the screen. My basals are mdn -
6:00 a.m. 0.4; 6-9:00 a.m. 1.0; and 9-mdn 0.7. If you have double basals
than that it will require more battery power. My largest bolus is mostly 6
units and I often have a very light bkfst (maybe a fresh peach, and milk to
drink my pills) with 1 unit. I always *prime* my tubing by hand, and it
takes mostly less than 2u to see the drip coming out the canula when taking
up the slack in the pump. Any time I can do something for my pump w/o making
it *beep* helps conserve battery power. Certainly not changing them until
they give warning helps get more use out of them.

> TIA and regards, Andy

If I forgot something useful, I'll get up at 3:00 in the morning (when I'll
think of it) and send it on also. (~_^)

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