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[IP] Airline Travel

Hi, Pumpers!
In the past couple of weeks, I have seen several
e-mails concerning airline travel, and I thought I
would add my two cents worth of experience to the
group.  Since October 3, I have traveled in and out of
Washington Dulles, Reagan National, Philadelphia, and
Boston Airports (twice through Boston).  As someone
else commented, and in my estimation, the security at
these four airports was highly variable (Boston had
the most thorough security), but this is how I handled
my pump and supplies through all of the airports.

I kept *all* of my pump supplies in my carry-on bag,
including my glucose meters, lancing device, extra
lancets, test strips, 5 syringes, 4 cartridges, 6
infusion sets, pump manual, and two vials of insulin
inside their original pharmacy boxes.  I placed all of
these materials in a gallon-size ziploc bag inside my
carry-on bag.  I always wore my pump in the front
pocket of my pants.  In Boston and in Philly, I set
off the metal detector as I walked through.  Both
times, the security person scanned me with the wand,
and they both asked me to remove my "cell phone" or
"pager" and place it on the x-ray machine.  When I
told them that my "pager" was actually an insulin
pump, the security people looked at it carefully,
recognized it, and let me put it back in my pocket
with no further hassle. (I sometimes wear my pump in
my bra, but I would recommend wearing your pump in a
more accessible location when flying.)  My carry-on
bag with the pump supplies has now gone through the
x-ray machine 5 times in the past two weeks, and there
was absolutely no problem with bringing any of the
items I listed above.

I wanted to share my experience with you, but if you
plan to fly, please check with your individual airline
for their carry-on guidelines.  Most of the airlines
that I fly have their updated information on their
websites, and additional information is posted at the
ticket check-in counter at the airport.


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