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Re: [IP] Bent Cannula Question

> I've tried looking through the archives, because I'm sure this
> question has been discussed before, but I couldn't really find
> anything.  I use the MM508 with Quicksets (6mm cannula).  Recently,
> I did a site change on my abdomen and the site was fine for about 30
> hours.  I was out driving around and doing errands when suddenly my
> site really started to hurt.  When I moved, it felt like something
> was tearing into me.  I removed the site and the cannula was
> literally bent at a 90 degree angle.  My sugars were a little high
> (around 11 or 198) and it wasn't convenient to do a change, so I
> took a small injection to tide me over until I got home.  I did not
> get a no delivery alarm- only the severe pain caused me to check it
> out.  This is the second time this has happened.

It's not uncommon. Probably the "kink" developed as you moved around 
with the cannula moving in and out a little -- while doing so the end 
got caught and then folded over as you moved more. The best solution 
is to put the cannula in areas that do not move as much. You might 
consider changing to the Tender/Silohuette type of set that is more 
forgiving of this type of movement.
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