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Re: [IP] Animas Pump

If you can get your md to write a letter of medical necessity to switch 
listing the features that you would benefit from with the Animas (esp the 
0.05u/hr increments, waterproofness-esp if you swim regularly, the fact that 
temp basals are a percentage change thus will automatically adjust with 
changing normal basals, and that it can program 4 different profiles) you 
shouldn't have any problem getting the switch.  Especially if you can focus 
on the 0.05u/hr feature!  Animas even has a form that your md can fill out 
and sign to go with your letter, ask them to send you one.  It lists the 
different features and you check off the ones that apply, along with some 
other info, I don't remember what the form was called, but they should know 
what you are talking about, and the insurance should cover the supplies no 

aka Mouse
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