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[IP] Bent Cannula Question

I've tried looking through the archives, because I'm sure this question has
been discussed before, but I couldn't really find anything.  I use the MM508
with Quicksets (6mm cannula).  Recently, I did a site change on my abdomen and
the site was fine for about 30 hours.  I was out driving around and doing
errands when suddenly my site really started to hurt.  When I moved, it felt
like something was tearing into me.  I removed the site and the cannula was
literally bent at a 90 degree angle.  My sugars were a little high (around 11
or 198) and it wasn't convenient to do a change, so I took a small injection
to tide me over until I got home.  I did not get a no delivery alarm- only the
severe pain caused me to check it out.  This is the second time this has

My questions are:  What causes this?  What can I do to prevent this from
happening in the future?

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