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[IP] Re: Batteries

Jan Hughey wrote:

>That's interesting since I get Eveready 357 zinc oxide batteries and they 
>last me and my needs about 8-12 weeks. (~_^)

Eveready 357 batteries are silver oxide, *not* zinc oxide.

Eveready (Energizer) says that right here:


BTW, I'm very intrigued by the 8-12 week battery life you're getting. I've 
seen scattered references to that on the IP list, but this is the first 
time I've seen someone refer to it in the first person.

For the first three months after I received my 507C, I ran the batteries to 
depletion. The batteries lasted a very consistent 6 weeks. Since then, I've 
been changing my batteries every 4 weeks in order to avoid LO BATTERY 
alarms. I'd certainly like to learn how to double battery life and change 
them every 8 weeks.

Do you always buy your batteries from the same source? If so, where?

Do you mark down when you change your batteries so that you know how long 
they last?

Do you *always* see 8-12 week battery life? Have you *ever* seen less? Have 
you ever seen more?

How many boluses do you deliver on an average day?

Is there anything "special" about how you use your pump that would explain 
why the batteries last as long as they do?

TIA and regards, Andy
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