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[IP] Bolus question

For those of you who carb count-Do you calculate your bolus according to
the number of carbohydrate exchanges you eat or by the total number of
grams of carbohydrate?

We calculate by the total number of grams.  Unfortunately all food does
not come in l5 g. sizes.  So we feel that we get a much more accurate
bolus using grams and adding the total together rather than 2 l/2
exchanges or whatever.

Mary who is 9 had her first sleepover this weekend.  She did great.
Some extra testing  and a few phone calls home asking how much to
bolus.  She had pizza, went out for a milkshake and then Krispy Cream
donuts for breakfast.  Then she had a ice skating birthday party with
more pizza and birthday cake.  Her weekend ended with the final soccer
game of the season.  She is at school today to rest.  Needless to say
that without the pump and also more frequent testing, we would have had
a much more or impossible time managing it all without the pump.  Her
last A1C was 6.7.

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