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[IP] Pump Alarm Question

Hi everyone,
I have a question for those of you on the Minimed 508.  My daughters pump came up with an alarm of A37 on Thursday.  I checked all the reference material for the description of the alarm with no success.  We called Minimed and their response was the code is not listed because it rarely happens.  Ok that makes me feel real comfortable.  We reset the pump and assume it will be ok.  Lauren's BS readings for the past 3 weeks have been completely irratic.  More on the average of being really high.  I have been talking to her doctor on a weekly basis to make changes with minimul results.  Last week we just raised every basal rate to try and get some control. My husband and I even started discussing the possibility of putting her back on shots.  Her A1C just came back this week too at 8.6 Saturday her number was so high the Glucometer displayed HI.  Of course to bring her down we did the appropriate bolus and of course she crashed.  Now to add to all this frustration last night at 9p!
.m. the pump displayed the A37 a
larm again.  I immediately got back on the phone with Minimed and told them the pump was going back.  Tomorrow morning a loaner pump will arrive and her's will go back for a diagnostic.  With all of this happening I'm not sure I trust the pump.  I slept with her all night just in case the alarm went off again.
So my question is has anyone else experienced this alarm and how did Minimed respond?  I almost want to persue getting a new pump verses getting her old pump back.  

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