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RE: [IP] Auto immune disease and Gulf War Syndrome

Ginny Kloth [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I was at the convention held in Atlanta by the NIH and the 
> CDC about 3 yrs
> ago and there are many things in common. There is a report 
> written as a
> result of the conference. Many researchers have found health 
> problems and
> they are the result of the Gulf War. Our Gulf war veterans 
> are going through
> horrible physical  health problems as well as their spouses and their
> children as the result of the Gulf war.

I agree that many Gulf War veterans are suffering.  The problem is making
the considerable leap between some statistical association (which is
actually pretty tenuous when one looks at the overall picture) and *causal*
effects being claimed.  Correlation is *NOT* causation.

While it's good that NIH and CDC are involved, they are pretty powerless as
these agencies are geared toward *preventive* measures, not treatment.  In
the case of veterans, it needs to go to the VA.  I suspect *thats* the weak
link here.

If you wish to continue a discussion, Ginny, I suggest we take it privately
unless we can specifically related it to diabetes.  I'll post no more
publicly on this go round.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted OR
email @ redacted

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