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>>> - --another question especially for  those with young kids on the pump,
> hey..anyone can answer...I know you can all help this list has been a
> learning tool already!
> what convinced you to start pumping?
> what have your best/worst experiences on the pump?
> Pro or cons of the Minimed pump ( probably the pump that she will be
> Thanks already,<<

Dear Jodi and Dennis:

Our Lauren started the pump last year at nine years old. It took us two
years to convince her endo team to start her -- now they are putting all
kids on pumps. Encourage your endo to talk to another endo who has lots of
kids on pumps.

As for brands, I firmly believe they are all GREAT. Do not stress over a
choice. Waterproof isn't a big deal either as all kids want to take the pump
off in the water and disconnecting is a snap. So whatever one you want, is
the right choice. We LOVE our Minimed but I'm betting we'd love another too
. . .

The pros: Better a1c, more freedom, sleeping in, easier to go play at a
friend's house (she just calls and says, "Mom, I'm 89 and I want a brownie!"
I tell her what to push and it's done!) Another pro: less stuff to carry
around, no more shots, she thinks it's "cool", and again FREEDOM. It's like
getting your life back again.

The cons: a lot of work for mom and dad; tough in school (we were able to
get a full pump aid hired for Lauren -- right in the classroom! But before
that it was rather difficult with going to the nurse all the time) I think
the school thing is the biggest issue for smaller kids on the pump. the math
is complicated . . . for a small kid. Other cons? Hmmmm, I cannot think of
too many.

Our hardest time was a period when, in the end, we had faulty infusion sets.
the first weeks can be rough . . . . now It is wonderful, or as "wonderful"
as diabetes can be (ugh!!) Good luck and let me know if you need anything!

Mom of Lauren, 10
Pump Princess of Plymouth
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