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Re: [IP] "Question"

Our daughter was 7 now 8 has been on the pump since 9/01.  Our endo was not 
going to put her on the pump until  she was at least 9 or 10.  After our last 
appt before pumping, her A1C had not really come down, and our endo started 
considering doing 3 shots a day.  We then realized that for her own health 
she had to go on the pump. My husband and I started talking to pump companies 
on our own and did A LOT of research.  We are so happy that she is on the 
pump now.  We have had our share of bumps in the road in the past 33 days, 
but so far so good.  She has been consistantly in the 75-130 range.  She was 
in the 200-300 range with 2 shots a day.  We wouldn't trade it for the 
world!!!  Hope this helps!!

Mom to Megan dx 9/00 pumping 9/01
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