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Re: [IP] Two weeks since I started pumping (long)

Anyone who consistently reads messages here and either uses or has a loved
one who uses an insulin pump knows exactly what you mean.  You are most
eloquent in you speech.  What does your wife think about you pumping?
I know I as the wife of a pumper also have felt blessed for Hubby to be able
to pump.  Now our lives have so much more flexibility, he can keep himself
healthier, and I can be more creative when cooking knowing that extra can be
added to bolus to cover any increased carbs, etc.  It's hard for the person
who's been diagnosed with diabetes, but it's also hard on those who love
that person,  who have taken time to learn about controlling blood sugars,
and who try to do things with the best interests in mind for the person who
is carrying the diagnosis.
So glad you are a happy pumper!

Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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