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[IP] Batteries

Our insurance will pay for one of Minimed's "disposable power kits" (9
batteries) every three months when we order our supplies.  The batteries
contained in the kit are Energizer brand (it's printed on the battery).  We
find that we use all nine before the three months are over.  I have found
Energizer 357's at Home Depot for $1.97 and at Wal-Mart for $1.96.  We don't
find a difference in longevity between Minimed's and the locally purchased
ones.  The only difference is that our insurance pays for the Minimed ones
at 100% coverage -  so I always make sure I order them when I order
reservoirs and infusion sets.

Recently, my son received an A-34 alarm on his Minimed 507C (it's 2 years
old and we've had no problems with it).  We called Minimed on a Saturday
afternoon, the nice man told us what to do (remove the battery holder and
use alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the contacts).  The pump was fine
until Sunday when it did it again.  We cleaned the contacts again, the pump
began to run fine again, but we called Minimed back, and on Monday he had a
new battery holder and three new batteries via overnight mail.  We were very
pleased with the service.

mom to Steven, 15, dx'd 8/91, pumper since July 7, 1999
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