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Hi all,
We are new to the list. Our daughter is 4 and we are  preparing to ask her
endo to start her on the pump. She is somewhat excited over the idea. Her
is NOT pro-pump for small kids, in fact the youngest pumper is 5 or 6 and
only started her because her parents (like we will probably do) demanded that
they let her pump. How can we convince him? Anybody?? HELP!!!
--another question especially for  those with young kids on the pump, but
hey..anyone can answer...I know you can all help this list has been a  great
learning tool already!
what convinced you to start pumping?
what have your best/worst experiences on the pump?
Pro or cons of the Minimed pump ( probably the pump that she will be using)?
Thanks already,
Jodi and Dennis
parents to Cassidy 4 yrs old and ready to pump whenever the endo will let
dx in 4/00
You are not asking your doc to provide a guarantee of great results on the
pump, only to provide expert advice in the use of the pump.. As I have only
used a MiniMed Pump I cant tell you anything about other pumps except that any
pump is better than no pump. In essence you will be the ones who need to learn
about the pump. The upside is better control leads to fewer complications. The
downside is it takes intelligence to use the pump but your daughter will "pick
it up with time". If the endo balks, ask him if you are old enough to use a
pump and tell him, for the time being we are the pumpers not Cassidy. If he
balks, look for another doc who is more pro pump. spot 42 years t1.
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