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Re: [IP] Is there a problem with Mexican food?


  My son LOVES the Quick Sets and NO they do not require the inserter device 
at all.  So simple to handle and insert.  Depending on the size of the 
canula, we use the short 6mm.  If you used the longer 9-10mm canula it could 
be too long and is pressing against or irritating the muscle.

  As for the Mexican food, YES this is one of those foods that uses an 
extended or dual wave bolus.  We don't have that feature but split Jossh's 
bolus up over a couple of hours and still expect a large peak of BGs later 
on, usually in the middle of the night! The cheese is what I personally feel 
is the main culprit.  The chips and salsa really have very few carbs.  10 
chips is about 18 carbs and the salsa os none!

Hope you are better now.  It takes awhile to figure all of these different 
aspects of pumping out.  But once you do it will become second nature to you!

mom to Joshua
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