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[IP] Hiding the pump in your bra--tips

I've worn my pump in my bra under a tight, slinky, formal dress. What I
do is stick it in the side, under your armpit. Its still a little
visible, but it is a lot better than wearing it in the center of your
chest. It feels more obvious than it looks; my friends asked my where my
pump was, they couldn't tell. I'm just a teen, so I have an A-cup. It
still works.



I"ve wor >From: email @ redacted >Reply-To: email @ redacted >To:
email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] pumps with bathing, and wearing on
a bra >Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 13:05:54 EDT > ><< Would having a bath with
bath salts affect the insertion site at all? How >do people wear the pump
in their bra without it being totally obvious? I >tried it and it looked
ridiculous, do you have to be really big-chested? >> > >Hi Sara, > >I
take a bath every night and haven't had a problem with the insertion
site. >BTW, you should disconnect from the pump when you're bathing--I
used to stay >connected and just put the pump next to the tub, but I
learned that the >extremely hot water I use could affect the tubing
and/or the insulin. > >I *have* had a problem with the tape not sticking
after a bath (either >because of bath salt residue or my moisturizing
cream). It is essential to >clean the site with those alcohol wipes (and
let it dry) to remove any >residue that might affect the tape's ability
to stick. > >I don't know, either, how people wear it in their bras. I
guess if you were >wearing a full-ish blouse it would be hidden, but
under a knit top it is like >you have a third breast. I don't seem to
have any clothes that it has worked >with. > >Leeann
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