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Re: [IP] abnormal ekg

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From: "Shawn and Kris" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 9:50 PM
Subject: [IP] abnormal ekg

> has anyone ever had an abnormal ekg? (stupid question, huh)
> my endo's ofc did an ekg on me and it came back
> abnormal, he said there was no range just that it was
> abnormal, and is sending me to a cardiologist for a
> stress test.
> he said that my lungs can be expanded from smoking or
> my heart can be scarred??
> i never knew that ekg's measured anything with lungs,
> does anyone know about this?
> and my feet have been extremely dry lately, my bs has been
> high lately and i thought that was why my feet were dry,
> now i am wondering.
> my blood pressure is 120/80 and the reason he did the
> ekg was so he could clear me for surgery on thursday to
> have my FOURTH trigger finger released.
> thanks for any info,
> kris -32 years old
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> An abnormal EKG indicartes damage to the heart muscle or impending damage.
It could have been old or new. some ekg changes occur when a portion of the
heart muscle is starved for blood or when it has died because of lack of
bloodleaving a scar. Smoking increases the risks of heart disease in
everyone but especially in those of us with diabetes, buildup of cholesterol
in he coronary arteries (heart arteries) narrows them and causes diminished
blood supply to the heart. In addition high pressures in the pulmonary
artery can cause EKG changes. A normal blood pressure is good but does not
protect from all of the complications of coronary artery disease. The longer
you have had diabetes the more probable it is that you have coronary artery
disease. you may need a stress test or coronary angiogram. donot do anything
until you have a clearance from your cardiologist.the trigger finger can
wait..Dry skin in diabetes is another frequent complication. ;-)
spot, 64 years old, 5 heart attacks later and still ok
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