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[IP] Is there a problem with Mexican food?

Hi all,

I have an experience to relate, then a question (sorry this is kinda long).

I have had a bad weekend, after a month of pretty perfect blood sugars.  (I 
started the pump on 9/15.)  On Saturday I woke up with a bg of 110.  About 30 
minutes after that, I commented to my boyfriend that my abdomen hurt; it felt 
like mild cramps from my period.  It got worse over the next couple of hours, 
to the point that I was hunched over with abdominal pain.  I tested my blood 
about 3 hours after my first morning reading and my bg was 350.  (I hadn't 
eaten a thing.)

I'm sure you experienced pumpers would know right away what this was, but in 
my 23 years of diabetes, I have never had ketones that caused any symptoms 
like that.  The only thing I could remember from my reading about 
ketoacidosis was to worry about nausea and vomiting (which come later, and 
abdominal pain is an early symptom).  So, wanted to mention this in case it 
helps anyone else.  (BTW, I was using a QuickSet sample that I had inserted 
the night before. When I looked at the tubing after my high reading, it had 
large pockets of air (not bubbles...inches of air pockets).  I did prime the 
tubing and do all the steps, so am not sure why this happened.  I had to 
insert the QuickSet without the inserter, because I only received one sample 
from MiniMed, so could that be the problem?

Now my question.  I woke up this morning with a bg of 330!  Argghh.  When I 
went to bed, it was 72.  However, I did have Mexican food last night--first 
time I've tried it since the pump.  I had one chicken enchilada and one 
cheese quesadilla, that's it.  (oh, and about 8-10 chips)  I'm wondering if 
my high bg is food-related?  Anyone have problems with Mexican?  I don't feel 
like this was a very big meal, and it wouldn't *seem* to be super high in 
fat, but I guess you never know what they've put in the sauces, etc.  I have 
no reason at this point to suspect my pump or tubing or site.  I would 
appreciate any ideas.

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