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[IP] pumps with bathing, and wearing on a bra

<< Would having a bath with bath salts affect the insertion site at all?  How 
do people wear the pump in their bra without it being totally obvious? I 
tried it and it looked ridiculous, do you have to be really big-chested? >>

Hi Sara,

I take a bath every night and haven't had a problem with the insertion site.  
BTW, you should disconnect from the pump when you're bathing--I used to stay 
connected and just put the pump next to the tub, but I learned that the 
extremely hot water I use could affect the tubing and/or the insulin.

I *have* had a problem with the tape not sticking after a bath (either 
because of bath salt residue or my moisturizing cream).  It is essential to 
clean the site with those alcohol wipes (and let it dry) to remove any 
residue that might affect the tape's ability to stick.

I don't know, either, how people wear it in their bras.  I guess if you were 
wearing a full-ish blouse it would be hidden, but under a knit top it is like 
you have a third breast.  I don't seem to have any clothes that it has worked 

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