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[IP] [ip] Kay!

I have had the same problem. Sometimes i forget to bolus for snacks, and
even meals. Everyone in my family helps remind me, and so do my close
friends. Its just hard getting used to it because you can't always tell
its there.

Thanks for the info on your daughters' piercing, and good luck!



>From: Earl and Kay Guy <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] Re:
Profile of Lauren Grindle email @ redacted >Date: Thu, 11 Oct
2001 20:40:39 -0700 > >My daughter, Jenny, who is 12, got a cartilage
piercing in her upper ear >about 6 weeks ago. So far, she has had no
problems. She does work really >hard to keep it clean. She to take the
earring out for a soccer game when >the piercing was less than 24 hours
old. (we thought the ref would let her >tape it, he didn't). She managed
to get the earring back in and with a lot >of neosporin and alcohol has
managed to avoid infection. > >She has also been on the pump since last
December and her A1c was 7.3. I >think she can do better, but sometimes
she forgets to bolus for snacks. >Also, sometimes her insulin needs are
really unpredictable which we think >is due to hormones. > >Good luck,
Kay > >Lauren Grindle wrote: > > > Lauren Grindle
<email @ redacted> > > Hi! I am 15, and I've been on the pump
since last December. I'm an > > active person, and I'm in color guard and
winter guard (Kaleidoscope). I > > have been doing pretty good, but my
A1c is still a 7.9. Any tips? New > > Ideas? > > > > One thing that I
have been wondering about is getting my belly-button > > pierced. I want
to wait until my A1c is at least at a 7.5, but I wanted > > to know if it
was a good idea at all. > > > > Thanks for reading, Bye! > > > > Lauren
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