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[IP] Two weeks since I started pumping (long)

Dear Fellow Pumpers,

Below is an e-mail I sent out to my congregation recently regarding what I
have experienced since going on an insulin pump. Thanks to all who have been
so helpful to me here in making this decision. It has truly transformed my

Rev. Ed

Dear Christ Church Family,

As many of you know, I am a diabetic. For the last 34 years of my life I
have gone without the ability to produce the insulin that is needed to turn
the food I eat into energy. During these years I have taken multiple
injections to attempt to control my blood sugars. Basically, I have been
trying to do with 3-4 shots a day what your pancreas does automatically
every moment. God has been very gracious for me to have had this disease for
so long with no complications as of yet. I am most grateful.

But diabetes is more than a physical disease. Like any chronic problem there
is an emotional toll that is paid as you do battle with it every day of your
life. For the last year and a half, I have been engaged in this battle as
never before. My ability to control my blood sugar levels has been
continually frustrated. A normal blood sugar is 80-100mg. Swings from 40mg
to 400mg have been the norm for me. These swings have had a terrible impact
on my health, my emotions, my outlook on life and especially my family.

Two weeks ago all of this changed. As my wife and I walked out of the
doctor's office that morning, I left with a small pager-sized infusion pump
clipped to my belt with a tube running from it that was attached to my
abdomen. Through this tube, for the first time in 34 years, I was getting a
continual drip of insulin into my body. On the drive home I blinked, blinked
again and said, "I feel different." My wife said, "What do you mean?" I
said, "I feel good." A few minutes later I added, "I feel more than good. I
feel alive!" And I did.

At first I wondered if this feeling was some sort of emotional catharsis -
my emotions fooling my body because I so much wanted to feel better. But it
has been two weeks now and I continue to feel wonderfully alive. It is like
someone has reached deep inside of me and turned on something that had been
off for many years. I liken it to coming out of a dark cave and blinking in
the bright sunlight. I have energy, joy and a spring in my step. I feel
frisky, like a colt in a field on a spring day!

Moreover, I can now eat when I want to, instead of being on a strict
schedule. I don't have to eat if I am not hungry. I can sleep in. I don't
have to take insulin injections throughout the day. I can even eat what I
want to (within reason) as long as I cover it with a bolus of insulin from
my pump. I ate lunch with a church family today and for dessert I had a
brownie. I HAD A BROWNIE!! It was a gift from God. Two hours later my blood
sugar was normal.

I realize that if your pancreas works you probably can't comprehend what I
am saying to you. You don't have to. Just rejoice with me in what God has
done. After 34 years with this disease, I feel like I have been given my
life back. That which was lost has been found. I weep with joy at His grace.

Pumping Away,

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