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[IP] RE: First day on pump - QuickSet vs. SofSets

<<From: "Sara Molyneaux" <email @ redacted>
I still have some questions though.  What are the advantages 
of the QuickSet over the Sof Set?>>>

Sara, congrats on your first day of pumping!  You asked about
the QuickSet vs. the SofSets.  This is certainly a very individual
thing, so please remember that what works for us may not help
you at all.  Given that, my 6 yr. old son Luke has been pumping
since March/2001, and using QuickSets since April/2001.  He
started on SofSets but as soon as April hit & our Texas weather
got somewhat humid, the SofSets were pulling out at the slightest
wetness - 1 bath, 1 round of sweaty play.  The worst part for
us was that only the cannula was pulling out - so we wouldn't
know that it had fallen out until he was very high & showing
ketones an hour or so later.  VERY FRUSTRATING!  

We were about to try Mastisol & all the other "make it stick"
variations when the QuickSets came out for samples.  From first
usage, the cloth tape sticks to him so well.  Even if the edges
are pulling up, the center around the cannula is stuck on really
well.  Also, Luke likes the disconnect better - it takes a very
soft touch, and he is able to do it himself.  He could not do
the SofSet disconnect himself - it was too hard for him to grasp
& turn.  The QuickSets stick to him through up to 4 days of
baths, daily swimming, and sweaty play.  They still have an
inserter, which he likes.  During the diabetes summer camp swim
times, all the kids with SofSets were coming out of the pool &
needing to be changed out - but the kids with QuickSets had them
firmly in place.

Do we ever have problems with them?  Sure we do.  But Luke likes
them, and fortunately we've been able to use them throughout the
tight supply & everything.   Try them out & see what you think.
Be gentle with that disconnect/reconnect - no force is required.

Happy pumping!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/99

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