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[IP] Re: Diabetic Friends

I just wanted to thank everyone who replied to my profile. Monday is D-Day 
when I "pump start". My pharmacist just started the pump two weeks ago and 
absolutely loves it. Said she felt physically and emotionally better 
immediately.  I worry that my hopes are too high, but in contrast to my 
hopeless feelings, I wouldn't trade it.  I love the new opportunity to speak 
and share with fellow Type 1 diabetics since I have not had a diabetic friend 
since I was diagnosed (back in 1989). No one can understand this except 
fellow diabetics. Those of you who wrote to share your successes and changes 
since the pump have helped motivate me. Someone wrote that they felt they 
were wrong in deciding to try the pump when they took a look at the apparatus 
(tubing, workbooks, etc.) I had the same feeling and I am a little hesitant, 
however, I am looking forward to my new future PUMPING. To my fellow pumpers, 
thanks again. I hope this is the way I answer, I'm not sure, so please 
respond so I know that I got through.  One more thing....I am divorced 2 
years, living alone for 5. My health is my number 1 priority, but I believe I 
will be ready for a relationship yet I feel that I don't want to pull anyone 
else in on this with me.  It's hard sometimes and I wonder whether it would 
be fair to someone.  Is this a unique feeling?  Has anyone else felt this?  
Feedback would be appreciated. Hope to hear from you all.
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