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Re: [IP] recipe for unintentionally stirring up trouble

This reminds me a story I heard once. I've forgotten some of it and I
really can't tell
it like the guy who told it to me, but this man was on a pump in the 70's.
He said his pump was about the size of a VHS video tape. The case was clear
so you
could see a lot of the stuff inside it, and it was strapped to his waist.

One time he flew to New Jersey for a pump check up or something.
When he was through, he went back to the airport and to his rental car
which was in
a tough looking part of the airport. On the way to his car, 3 young
hoodlum-looking men
surrounded him and threatened him , wanted his money, etc. He opened up his
revealing a clear box with gadgets, and wires, and stuff, and said "I've
got a bomb, I'm wired,  and
I don't care, I'll take you with me!" He said they all scattered.
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