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[IP] Welcome new and soon-to-be pumpers

Hi all,
    Welcome to the greatest info site and support group you can find!!
Everyone here is willing to help which makes pumping so much easier and
better, and there are a lot of "long-time" pumpers here with lots of great
tips.  First and best tip is to get the book "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh
(3d edition is most current), and then to learn to do carb counting if you
don't do it now so you can maximize the freedom of pumping.
    It's Hubby (a Senior Citizen) who's the pumper in this family, but he
has "computer phobia" so I'm his "net" connection.  He started pumping with
insulin in his MM 508 May 1st this year after using saline for 2 wks.  For
him, using saline first was good since after his pump arrived he became
negative about pumping (even though he agreed to try it), and had problems
using his pump (needed an "attitude adjustment").  He was ready to toss the
pump, but I made him promise to give it a 90 day try.
    Well, after about 6 wks Hubby decided his pump was his new best friend,
and now would not go back to injections unless absolutely forced to so do.
He's not one to accept change, so if he can do it, I think anyone can.  He's
learned to love the freedom of pumping.  He's found it's so great to be able
to eat without following a rigid schedule (no more needing to meet the
peaking of an intermediate acting insulin), and to be able to eat what you
want (within some reason, of course).  He's like a little kid when he wants
to have some extra fruit, wafer cookies, SF-FF ice cream, etc, 'cause he
just boluses to cover.  In fact, again today he commented that he feels more
like a "normal" person (person without the big D) with being able to decide
when and what he wants to eat.
    Some people gain weight when they begin pumping, others lose some.
Hubby was one who lost weight since he wasn't feeding insulin or hypos every
day.  His CDE had told him that with pumping you particularly can match the
insulin to the food, not the food to the insulin.  It's so great to be able
to set boluses of say 2.7 if that meets the insulin:carb ratio for what's
being eaten.  He's gone from having swings of over 400 to 40 in a few hours,
or even the reverse, and feeling he had to have BS of "200" to try to
prevent hypo (yes, all sorts of adjustments were tried when on injections,
but he was so sensitive to even small 1/2 unit changes), to now becoming
concerned when he gets a rare reading of 200's.
    Recently, Hubby was sick (non-D related), had nausea and couldn't eat.
Boy was it easy to keep glucose levels stable using the pump.  No more
trying to figure insulin amounts for a shot based on an already high blood
sugar, just adjusted basals and only gave bolus to cover anything he was
able to eat or drink.
    He asked that I tell you, "It can be rocky and frustrating at first
until you're comfortable doing the infusion set up, the basal rates, and
bolus amounts get figured out, but if you stick with it you'll most likely
find pumping to be a 1000% better!"
   Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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