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Re: [IP] Airport Security/Prescription Labels

>Hi all:  Now I see that a letter from a physician will not be adequate
>for the airlines, and we are supposed to have pharmacy labels on
>everything.  So, what about those of us who have unlabeled pump
>supplies, unlabeled insulin vials (because we purchase out of pocket)
>etc.?  I would love to hear how this is supposed to work for us. Have a
>holiday trip planned and just cant handle being unprepared at the

I also plan to travel soon.  Also am in process of moving and hence 
have no doctor let alone prescriptions - just the standard copiers of 
letters from my old doc listing the supplies i need.

All the ups and downs of current security regulations are to be 
expected g9iven the current circumstances.  So I guess I'll travel 
with one extra set and a syringe and if need be extract insulin form 
the cartridge in the pump.  Will have to check all standard pump 

As always friends of mine report that the airports they have traveled 
thru during the past week have been extremely inconsistent in 
security measures.  At Pearson in Tornoto the "curb-side" check ins 
still work allowing one to pass w/o any security checks at all but 
yet in Halifax they examine each and every article one has on their 
person and in baggage.

Darrin Parker - Canada!
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internet friends & the http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org

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