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[IP] Re: First day on pump

Well, I've just finished my first full day on my Minimed 508 and it's
been better than I had hoped! Except for two low blood sugars at 3am and
3pm, all of my readings have been absolutely perfect (between 4-6 mmol). 
I never thought I would gain control this fast after starting the pump, I
only hope it stays this way.  The best part was waking up in the morning
and having a reading of 5.6mmol. I've woken up every morning for 2 years
racing to the bathroom because my sugars were so high (dawn
phenomenon).    Based on my experiences so far, I strongly recommend the
pump to anyone who is considering getting better control. I don't even
mind poking my fingers so much because it's actually fun to always see my
numbers right where they should be!

I still have some questions though.  What are the advantages of the Quick
Set over the Sof Set? Would having a bath with bath salts affect the
insertion site at all?  How do people wear the pump in their bra without
it being totally obvious? I tried it and it looked ridiculous, do you
have to be really big-chested? That's all for now. I'm sure I'll have
more questions as I encounter new situations. I'm really enjoying this

Thanks, Sara


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