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[IP] hbA1c's as a measurement of success

> My daughter, Jenny, who is 12, got a cartilage piercing in her upper
> ear about 6 weeks ago. So far, she has had no problems. She does
> work really hard to keep it clean. She to take the earring out for a
> soccer game when the piercing was less than 24 hours old. (we
> thought the ref would let her tape it, he didn't). She managed to
> get the earring back in and with a lot of neosporin and alcohol has
> managed to avoid infection.
> She has also been on the pump since last December and her A1c was
> 7.3. I think she can do better, but sometimes she forgets to bolus
> for snacks. Also, sometimes her insulin needs are really
> unpredictable which we think is due to hormones.
Don't make a1c's a target for your daughter. They may be better or 
worse, what is important is that she lead a "normal" life and not 
have routine large swings in bg's. Lily's bg's crept up to the low 
8's for a short while before heading back down to better numbers. 
However, during that time she had many changes to her insulin 
requirements due to growth, hormonal changes, etc.... hbA1c's are not 
a measurement of success at pumping, just another tool to help with 
bg management.

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